Security and Reception

Security screening

image of security searching at the Isle of Man courthouseTo enter the courthouse, visitors must first go through security screening. This screening has been in place for a number of years and is similar to that of the UK and some other jurisdictions.

The aim of security screening is:

  • to ensure a safe place for visitors to carry out their business;
  • to ensure the smooth running of the courts; and
  • to prevent prohibited items from being brought into the court premises, such as:

The feasibility of altering the ground floor layout of the security, reception and public counter areas of the courthouse may be investigated in the coming years. This could potentially allow business visitors to be separate from court visitors thus improving access times and entry procedures for those visitors who are not attending a court.


Reception is located near to the main entrance and is open during normal working hours.


  • court visitors are asked to check-in with reception when they arrive as sometimes court venues may change.
  • customers are asked to submit documents for filing at the nearby Court Office/public counter and not reception.

Hard of Hearing facilities 

To assist those with hearing difficulties the reception desk is fitted with a voice amplification and a hearing loop facility.

We also carry a small stock of portable induction loop kits for use in consultation rooms and private hearings.

If you need to use these facilities please ask at reception.

Page last updated on 15 August 2018