Once a grant has been issued

How do I administer the Estate?

If you are the executor or administrator appointed by the Court, it means that you must pay the debts and distribute the estate of the deceased in accordance with the Will or the intestacy rules. The staff of the Probate Office cannot assist or advise you in any way with the administration of the estate. If you are in any doubt about your responsibilities you should seek legal advice. 

What if a more recent Will of the deceased is found?

You must notify the Probate Office, at the earliest possible opportunity, if a more recent Will of the deceased is found after Probate has been issued or if a Will is found after administration has been granted on the basis of intestacy.

The Probate Office can be contacted by various means, details of which are set out below. The staff of the Probate Office will inform you of what further action will need to be taken as a result of the more recent Will being discovered.

By writing to:

The Probate Office
Isle of Man Courts of Justice
Deemsters Walk,
Bucks Road
Isle of Man

By telephone:  +44 (0)1624 685243
Email Probate team
Page last updated on 14 April 2022