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Licensing Courts

Licensing Applications

Guidance notes for Applicants seeking to renew their Liquor Licence, Music and Dancing Licence or Club Registration at the 2018 Triennial Courts sessions can be found here.

Final 2018 Triennial Court will be held on the 28th March 2018

Licensing Court Rules 2014 came into effect on 1st September 2014. Any application to the Licensing Court made after this date will be subject to these Rules. Please note these Rules change the procedures and time limits for making applications before the Licensing Court.

The Licensing Court Rules 2014 can be accessed here.

Guidance Notes for Licensing Courts forms are available here

Licensing Court dates for 2018

For time limits for filing any Licence Application, please refer to the Licensing Court Rules 2014.

Triennial Sessions

Transcript of the opening addresses at the 2015 Triennial Sessions can be viewed here.

All On-Licence, Off-Licence, Club Registration and Music & Dancing licences will expire on 31st March 2018.

Every On-Licence, Off-Licence, Club Registration and Music & Dancing licence runs for a period of three years or to the end of the current triennial period. At the Triennial Sessions, which sit in February/March every three years, the court may renew licences that have already been granted, and issue new licences. NB: The triennial sessions solely deal with applications for the renewal of current licences and cannot deal with any other applications (i.e. new applications, variation applications, new Designated Officials etc). If you wish to make any other application other than by way of renewal, you must do so at the monthly licensing courts.

Triennial Sessions are publicised in local papers in the preceding August/September/October giving applicants advance notice.

The application must be submitted to the court, in duplicate, together with the Filing Fee and Duty payable for the licence. Failure to do so will result in your application being returned.

The application forms are available below or can be obtained from the public counter.

Type of ApplicationForm
On-Licence/Passenger Vessel applicationLLP10/ON
Off-Licence applicationLLP10/OFF
Company InformationLLP10/A
Club RegistrationLLP10/CLUB
Music & Dancing - (Company)LC6A
Music & Dancing - (Individual)LC7A
IoM Licensing Forum - Codes and Guidance manualPDF
Licensing forms guidance notesPDF

Monthly Licensing Courts

The Licensing Court is chaired by Her Worship the Deputy High Bailiff accompanied by up to four magistrates. The court usually sits on the second Thursday of each month in a public court.

The Licensing Court deals with applications for:

After receiving the application, the court grants the licences either at court, or in some instances, licences can be issued administratively in private chambers.

All Licensing Court Applications (together with all relevant supporting documentation) must be submitted to the court, in duplicate, together with the relevant fee (see guidance in relation to certain fees here). Failure to do so will result in your application being returned.

Applications which are heard at the monthly licensing court

Type of applicationForm(s)Guidance notes
On-Licence/Passenger Vessel applicationLLP10/ONLicensing form guidance notes
Off-Licence applicationLLP10/OFFLicensing form guidance notes
Company InformationLLP10/ALicensing form guidance notes
Club RegistrationLLP10/CLUBLicensing form guidance notes
Music and DancingLC6, LC7 
Occasional LicenceLC3, LC4Marquees and Tented structures, Fire Service letter & Fire Service guidelines, LC4 guidance notes
Designated Official (DO)LL/1Writing a reference for a Designated Official
Temporary Designated Official/LicenseeLL/5 
Resignation/removal of Designated Official/LicenceeLL/6Notification of...
Change in Club SecretaryLetter applicationsee below
Amendments to Licenced PremisesLetter applicationsee below
CinematographLC8, LC8A, LC9, LC9ALC8G, LC8AG, LC9G, LC9AG

The fees for the various applications are detailed on the Fees page.

Guidance notes for hosting of 18th birthday celebrationsPDF
Guidance for New Applicants attending the Licensing CourtPDF
IoM Licensing Forum - Codes and Guidance manualPDF

Applications without specific forms

Application to change the Secretary of a Club

A letter application should be sent to the court requesting the change of secretary together with a minute of the club’s decision to change secretary and the relevant fee. NB: All documentation should be submitted in duplicate. The letter should include full details of the new secretary and indicate which court sitting they wish to attend. Upon receipt, the court will inform the new secretary of a court date on which he/she should appear before the Licensing Bench.

Application to amend a licensed premises

A letter application should be sent to the court requesting the changes to be made together with plans detailing the proposed changes and the relevant fee. All documentation must be submitted and advertised in accordance with the time scales set out in the Licensing Court Rules 2014.NB: All documentation should be submitted in duplicate.

Weekly Special Permissions/Charitable Function Licences

Special permissions are weekly applications submitted by clubs to ask permission to hold a function where non club members will be attending. These may be considered by Her Worship, sitting alone, every Thursday. Applications must be lodged at the court office with the appropriate fee and supporting documentation by close of business on the Friday prior to the Thursday on which the applications are to be considered. Failure to comply will result in applications not being considered. Licences are made available for collection at the Courts of Justice public counter each Friday at 12 Noon. One (white) copy is retained by the applicant and the other copy (pink) should be forwarded, by the applicant, to the local police station in the vicinity of the event. Failure to collect the licences will be reported to the Police Alcohol Unit.

Type of ApplicationForm(s)Guidance notes
Special PermissionsLC1LC1G
Charitable FunctionLC2LC2G

Applications should be sent,in duplicate, to the following address:

Name: Licensing Clerk
Summary Courts Office
Deemsters Walk
Bucks Road
Isle of Man
Post Code: IM1 3AR


The following Acts and Rules apply for Licensing matters

Copies of the legislation can be obtained from the Tynwald Library, contact details for which can be found on the Tynwald website.

For any queries which are not answered by the information contained on this page, please email the Licensing section here



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