Deemster Doyle hosts visit by Japanese Judge

News Publication Date: 27 June 2013

Deemster Doyle, the Island’s First Deemster and Clerk of Rolls, recently hosted a visit by Japanese Judge [Hanji-ho] Kei Takeshita whose particular interests are active case management, judicial culture, training, deployment and the decision making process.

Image of the three judges in Court 7

[L-R: Deemster Doyle, Deemster Moran and Judge Takeshita in Court 7]

Judge Takeshita spoke with Deemster Doyle in respect of civil litigation and in particular the work of the Island’s Appeal Division.

Judge Takeshita also witnessed the Court of General Gaol in action presided over by Deemster Montgomerie with whom he shared views on criminal procedure. Deemster Andrew Moran who is presiding in Court 7 over the Bitel proceedings [which received some coverage in the Financial Times on 29 May 2013] was able to share his considerable knowledge and experience with Judge Takeshita. The visiting judge met with High Bailiff Needham and Deputy High Bailiff Hughes to discuss the courts of summary jurisdiction. Judge Takeshita also took the opportunity to meet with Stephen Cregeen the Chief Registrar and members of court administration. He was clearly impressed with the workings of the Isle of Man Courts of Justice in particular the use of modern technology and the friendly and supportive members of the court administration team. Judge Takeshita stated: 'I was very impressed with the quality of the Manx judiciary which provides justice both to the close knit community and to the international commercial circles.'

Deemster Doyle commented:

'It is useful to meet with judges from other jurisdictions and to show them what we do on the Isle of Man and to learn from them. This visit in a small way also raised the Island’s international profile amongst the Japanese judiciary. Judge Takeshita enjoyed his visit to the Island, and the Manx judiciary and court administration were very appreciative of his positive comments.'
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