Visit of Tasmanian Court Official

News Publication Date: 26 March 2015

0n 20 March 2015, Mr Victor Stojcevski, a Senior Policy Adviser/Coronial Division Coordinator for the Tasmanian Magistrate’s Court and the Coroner’s Court of Tasmania visited the Isle of Man Courts of Justice. Mr Stojcevski advises the Administrator of Courts of Tasmania on legal and court procedure in the various summary jurisdictions and also manages the Coronial Division of the Court.

Both the Magistrates Court and the Coroners’ Court in Tasmania are undergoing significant change at present. As a result Mr Stojcevski showed a keen interest in Manx law and procedures.

During his visit Mr Stojcevski met with the First Deemster & Clerk of the Rolls, The High Bailiff, The Deputy High Bailiff and the Clerk to the Magistrates, together with other court officials. An opportunity was taken to attend court sessions and to discuss areas of mutual interest.

The High Bailiff, Mr Needham commented that

'it was an excellent opportunity to learn how similar issues to those faced here in the Isle of Man are dealt with elsewhere and to discuss common issues and challenges.'

The Deputy High Bailiff, Mrs Hughes stated that she was

'particularly interested to hear how another small jurisdiction deals with vulnerable young offenders, those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems within the criminal justice system by way of a collaborative approach between the various agencies involved.'

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