First Deemster notes positive references to the Judiciary in the Moneyval Report

News Publication Date: 31 January 2017

His Honour Deemster Doyle, the Island’s First Deemster, notes the positive references to the judiciary in the Fifth Round Mutual Evaluation Report from the Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (Moneyval) dated December 2016 and published earlier this month.

The First Deemster commented:

'The judiciary positively and constructively engaged in the evaluation process and met with members of the Evaluation Team during their time on the Island.

'There is, of course, no room for complacency and systems and actions can always be enhanced subject to the necessary resources being made available, but it is pleasing to note the positive references in the recently published Moneyval report in respect of the Island’s legal system and judiciary, including:

"… the rule of law and an independent judiciary are all well established.” (paragraph 93 on page 19)

“The IoM has a sound legal system … It enjoys an independent judiciary committed to the rule of law.” (Key Findings, page 36)

“The Deemsters of the IoM have excellent reputation and are independent.” (paragraph 242 on page 50)

'It is important to the future of the Island that we maintain an adequately resourced independent judiciary which remains committed to the rule of law.'

The First Deemster has over the years, including in his three Oxford lectures (Rule of Law – the Backbone of Economic Growth 17 July 2014; the Rule of Law and the Separation of Powers 16 July 2015 and The Rule of Law – Judicial Independence and Accountability 6 July 2016, all available at under the heading ‘Lectures’), emphasised the importance to the Island of having an independent judiciary committed to the rule of law.

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