Valediction - Mrs Jill Quirk

News Publication Date: 30 December 2019

Valediction by His Worship The Deputy High Bailiff, Chair of the Licensing Bench, on the occasion of the retirement of Mrs Jill Quirk from the Licensing Bench.

Before we start the business of the Court I have a very few words that I must say in relation to today’s Court. Not only is it the last Licensing Court of 2019, but it is the last Court where Mrs Jill Quirk will be sitting on the Bench.

Mrs Quirk became a Magistrate in 2010 and joined this Bench one year later. Both my predecessor and I have found her input over the past eight years into the decision making and process of this Court invaluable. Mrs Quirk’s extensive and highly regarded knowledge of the restaurant and licensing trade has provided a unique and expert input into the many issues that have come before this Court during her term in office. Although remaining as a Magistrate for some time to come (and I am being deliberately vague so that no one can work out accurately her age!) the loss to this Court of that expertise will be very keenly felt.

Whether the extra time now available to Mrs Quirk will be filled with her busy family life, travel or Blue Badge Tour guiding, on behalf of all past and present members of the Licensing Bench, I wish Mrs Quirk a long and active retirement from the duties and responsibilities of this court. However, those duties will continue for the remainder of today.

13th day of December 2019

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