Jury Service - FAQs

If you are chosen, and you qualify for jury service then you are legally obliged to attend.

No. A summons is only for the person named and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

The coroner will try and contact you if they haven’t heard from you.

If it’s a question concerning your summons you should contact the coroner. If it’s a question concerning excusal you should contact the court.

Contact details are as follows:

Coroner for Ayre & Garff
+ 44 (0) 1624 815899

Coroner for Glenfaba & Michael
+ 44 (0) 1624 845711 

Coroner for Middle
+ 44 (0) 1624 622280 

Coroner for Rushen
+ 44 (0) 1624 822871 

+ 44 (0) 1624 685247 

Trials can last from days to weeks depending on the individual case. Once assigned to a trial you will be told how long it is expected to take.

If you are an employee, work commitments are not considered a sufficient reason to be excused from jury service.

If there are, however, exceptional circumstances which would cause severe difficulties at work an excusal may be considered.

You should complete a Jury Excusal form and send it together with supporting documents to the court explaining those circumstances. If you are self employed and jury service would cause you substantial personal or financial hardship, you can apply to the Chief Registrar to be excused at his/her discretion.

Yes. The 1980 Jury Act ensures that those who are undertaking jury service receive a set allowance. More details are available on the payment section.

You can tell anyone, but don’t forget to tell your employer, child carer and anyone else who might be affected by your absence.

When you received the juror summons from the coroner of your sheading, included in the pack will be:

  • an information sheet and a map showing where you should attend, and
  • a Jury Excusal form should you wish to apply to be excused.

The courthouse complex is situated on Bucks Road in Douglas which is on a main traffic route into the town centre and is therefore served by a number of bus routes from all over the Island. There are bus stops on Bucks Road and nearby Circular Road making access to the complex easy.

There is limited disc zone parking in nearby streets which will allow parking for short periods of time only (if a parking disc is displayed).

The Chester Street, Shaws Brow and Circular Road pay-and-display car parks can all be found within a 10 minute walk from the courthouse.

A disabled parking bay with space for 2 vehicles (with disabled badges) is located at the end of the Deemsters Walk footpath which is right outside the courthouse.

Please remember that you may be in court all day, and will not have the opportunity to return to your car.

If you know you are going to be late you should inform the courts immediately on +44 (0) 624 685265.

Before going into the courtroom all potential jurors watch a jury dvd explaining the jury and trial process, if you arrive late you may miss the dvd presentation. If you are very late and the trial has already started you may need to explain your reason to the Deemster. If you do not answer your summons you will be brought before the Deemster to explain your reason.

There is no dress code for jury service however you will be sitting for long periods so something comfortable would be appropriate. Smart casual dress is acceptable.

Once selected as a juror you can leave your belongings in the jury room.

You cannot use mobile phones or laptops while in the courtroom. You may use them during breaks in the jury room but ensure they are switched off before returning to the courtroom.

You may visit the courtroom any time during our opening hours, as long as it is a public court that is in session.

Hot drinks are available free of charge from a vending machine in the jury room which can be used during breaks. No other refreshments are available. You may wish to bring your own snacks or drinks with you but these are not permitted in the courtroom. There are also toilets in an adjoining room.

You will receive a daily subsistence allowance for days on which you need to attend. Unless you are considering your verdict at the end of the trial you will need to leave the courthouse at lunchtime as lunch will not be provided.

The courthouse operates a No Smoking policy as it is a public building. The only period you will have an opportunity to smoke in will be at lunchtime when you have to leave the building.

You should always raise any questions/concerns through the coroner.

No. However, it is important to note that excusal will usually only be granted if you are personally undertaking the full-time care of a person under the age of 16.

A jury consists of 7 or 12 people depending on the type of case that is being tried. Most trials will consist of 7 jurors, a 12 person jury is usually required for more serious or complicated cases such as murder.

More people are summoned to allow for those people who may be challenged or are excused for various reasons during the selection process.

If you are chosen as a potential juror the prosecutor will read out a list of witnesses that will be in the trial. You will then have the opportunity to write on paper if you know the defendant or any of the witnesses and a decision will be made as to whether you are excused or not.

If you are challenged by the prosecutor or defence counsel you will not be required to sit on this particular jury. Do not take this personally as people are challenged for various reasons.

Page last updated on 10 January 2023